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The Unappreciated Power of Ad Networks

Seems like every week there’s a new story about the “death” of ad networks.  Yes, the increasing number of industry reports has given us reason to doubt the sector’s long-term viability, especially considering the tales of  “cookie cutter” networks struggling to emerge intact from the recent economic recession.  Yet, there seems to a silver lining as the ad networks are showing strong signs of a comeback, due mostly to a focus on efficient pricing and delivering new service offerings from continued investments in technology.

Comscore’s March 2010 report indicates that Microsoft Media Network increased their unique visitors by over 33% in the last year. Could anyone have predicted this in early 2009, at a time when sale forces were cold calling and knocking on marketers’ doors every day in a desperate attempt to hold onto their jobs?

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It’s 2010. So Why Are Search Marketers Still Using Unsophisticated Metrics?

It’s hard to believe how quickly time flies. Around this time last year, Omniture released a research report which stated that most online marketers were underutilizing advanced metrics to manage their search campaigns. It was a sobering report, indicating that many marketers choose to optimize their portfolios based on first-order metrics like cost-per-click (CPC) and click-through-rate (CTR), instead of deeper and more foretelling metrics like profit per customer/order, return on ad spend, lifetime value per customer or any other insight that could really impact the bottom line of the company.

This survey got me thinking – has anything really changed in the last year? Or even the last ten?

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We’re on a roll! e-storm named one of 2010’s Top B2B Agencies

Adding yet another feather in our cap, we’re pleased to announce that e-storm international has been selected as one of the Top B-to-B Agencies of 2010 (PDF link), an honor bestowed to us by BtoB Magazine, the leading publication covering business to business marketing. In that list, e-storm was among the top 49 interactive agencies with B2B expertise.

While we maintain a great portfolio of B2C clients across verticals such as travel, education, retail and financial services, we started e-storm with a strong foundation of B2B clients in technology hardware, software and services. We look forward to growing this side of our business in the coming months and years.

This recognition complements our recent placements in the Inc 5000 and Inner City 100 lists.

We couldn’t have achieved this without our great team of employees and partners, and we look forward to even more awards in the near future.

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