Your customers run the show

“One to many” marketing is dead. Today it’s an ongoing dialog, and the most effective campaigns are created and/or promoted by your fans. This is an incredible opportunity to stretch your budget, boost your search engine rankings, and uncover niche markets before your competition knows what’s happening.

We make it happen, using integrated analytics, strategy, ongoing maintenance, and campaigns that speak to the hearts, minds, and unique interests of your customers. Let us help you develop a social strategy, manage your communities, develop and distribute content, conduct social media audits, and maintain key partner relationships over time.

estorm International Social Media Services:

  • Social media audit
  • Social media brand monitoring and reporting
  • Social media & community strategy
  • Social media community design, build out & development
  • Integration with search, display, mobile, offline channels
  • Community & platform management
  • On-site corporate and employee training


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